Are Weight Loss Supplements A Good Idea for Children?

Health On Way Although there are many weight loss supplements on the market today, healthcare professionals agree that there is nothing safe for children under the age of 18. In fact, many of them may end up hurting instead of helping your child.

The only correct (and proven) way for your child to lose weight is to diet and exercise. There is no "magic disk" that melts in the weight of many of the companies that want to believe you.


If your child is overweight, other family members are often as well and can also benefit from changes in a healthy diet. The key to making your child lose weight is making small, unnoticeable changes to everyone's diet. Don't single out your child by providing him/her with a special diet! This does nothing but undermines self-esteem which may be low because of its weight.

Move your family towards a healthier lifestyle by having everyone eat at the table as a family, and not in front of the TV or in their room. Studies have shown that children who eat with their families are less likely to gain weight.

Make it easy for your child to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Start eating a bowl of apples and oranges on the table all day. Or continue to wash the bite-size vegetables with a healthy dip in the refrigerator.

Next, start gradually reducing your soft drink and soft drinks (even diet and fruit punch are not good for them). Start by shrinking one in the first week, two weeks in the second week, etc. so that your child does not drink anything at all. Encourage your child to drink water instead.

Make sure your child has time to eat breakfast. Your mother was right - it's the most important meal of the day, but not many children eat it. As unimportant as it is, skipping breakfast leads to weight gain.

Playing sports

The first step in getting more exercise for your child is to reduce the time you spend watching TV or playing video games. Instead, use this time for physical activities, such as playing outside, participating in a sport, or going on a family picnic. Geocaching is a fun sport for children of all ages (and adults too). Physical activity should be enjoyable or you'll encounter resistance to doing so.

Another way to get your kids interested in eating healthy is to get them to participate in meal planning and grocery shopping. Not only will they learn healthy foods, but they will only get exercises from wandering around in the grocery store and feeling ownership with help.


Let's Talk Natural Supplements


However - I know the fact that in our modern world where food and consumables are mass-produced, it is not always easy to get first-class, organic or free food ... not to mention the fact that even though these types of food are gaining in popularity and becoming easier to find on our supermarket shelves, can be much more expensive ...

... so it is quite understandable that you may not change from your current nutritional choices - they are familiar, easy to obtain and affordable for your pocket ... right?

Cut to chase:

Therefore, the failure to consistently obtain a daily high-quality "Super-Foods", such as:


• Any and all high quality, fresh green vegetables "

Lean, free meat

• Free egg range

High-quality fresh fish

... How about some good quality natural supplements ... as an addition to your diet ...?

I personally use many different nutritional supplements - because I currently live in a very difficult country and region to get high-quality (or often 'low-quality') organic foods because by adding supplements to my daily regimen, which, As it sounds strange, it is really a lot easier for me.

This means I am still getting all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients my body needs and I definitely recommend it.

Along with a few other things, I can use probiotics, CoQ 10 and an organic "green" powder containing spirulina, kelp and at least 7 sea vegetables, among other things ... I have to say hey “The powder tastes great, but hey, it's reasonably priced, goes a long way and completes what I need to get from vegetables - and mix it with the whey protein shake after a workout so it doesn't taste to me altogether.

Man, the things that we need to do for our good health ..!

Even with a diet full of diversity and because of the way in which the greater part of our contemporary food is processed unless you detail each of the nutrients you eat with vitamin and
Mineral content, you cannot be sure that you are getting exactly what you need for sound physical and mental health and wellness.

This, in turn, means that all the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients your body needs are somewhat lacking in one way or another, in the foods that you consume ..!

You also need to realize that in order for your body to absorb some vitamins or essential nutrients, you will actually need to consume others to perform proper absorption ... Examples include vitamin E ... This specific nutrient is best absorbed when taken with selenium and vitamin C.

Well, this is technically a little bit far right now, but the basics are that most reputable/knowledgeable health professionals these days will recommend you to take a dietary supplement to ensure all your nutritional needs are met.

This leads us neatly to an important sub-topic:

Are natural supplements the best way to go, instead of synthetic ..?

Well, research shows that the vitamins and minerals inside the supplement are important, not the number of fillings or additives that are intended to help you digest it or make it more acceptable.

On the one hand, other researchers believe that adding more abnormal substances to your body when taking health-promoting supplements is foolish ... and I must say, I personally agree with this feeling - normal is normal ... right ..?

Of course, there are scientists who say that some vitamins and synthetic minerals are more effective than their natural counterparts ... they are, perhaps ...?!?

One example is the New Zealand farmer who was nearing death because he was suffering from all kinds of health ailments, such as leukemia, kidney failure and then swine flu just topping everything ... damn ... poor. .!

Well, I gave this guy a daily dose of 100,000 mg of vitamin C - which is a synthetic type, and it really got better ... Was it important whether synthetic or natural - frankly, nobody would say, the question remains unanswered ...

... then again, taking artificial vitamin E has been shown to be less effective than a natural supplement because the body cannot effectively digest and absorb the industrial type.

Basically, you need to make your choice, however, I advise you to check the list of contents in the supplements you buy - it might be a bad surprise with some of the standard ready varieties.

Watch out for:

* Number of abnormal ingredients in synthetic supplements

As we discussed in the past, the more abnormal substances that you put into your body, the greater the risk of side effects that accompany them ... The liver has to work harder to detoxify, and some of them can seriously disturb the digestive system.

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